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The geographical structure of the Black Sea has enabled the creation of a natural trade network between the countries on the Black Sea coast. Thus Trabzon has become the choice of import and export companies in this overseas trade network. In this network of predominantly developing countries, consumers and customers are stronger than ever before traders. Because of the increased options and improved technology, more professional solutions and faster logistics systems are being expected from all companies.

This requires a new understanding of trade and more customer-oriented action. For this reason, MRT Yapi was established in January 2017 in order to provide a new face to the sector and offer alternative solutions to consumers. By combining an experienced staff with talented people, it has started to communicate with the countries of the near geography and has become a preferred brand in a short time.

MRT Yapi has developed rapidly because of the innovative company profile and solutions provided to customer problems. As a result of this development, it acquired the Alfill brand in June 2017. In 2019, it acquired Alfill Factory in order to bring the solutions it brought to the sales network to the production line and to offer more innovative and technological solutions. It renewed its R & D and production lines. With the sand screening, stone dust blasting facilities and the renewal of the existing machines, the factory increased its monthly production to 5,000 tons. It has managed to add new products to its product range.

MRT Structure Factory, which has become one of the biggest manufacturers in the sector, manufactures not only for Alfill brand but also for many brands in the sector.


Our Goals

Today, the African market is open to new opportunities. It is foreseen that this positive development will continue for the next 5 years. It is thought that countries in Central Africa will lead this progress. By 2020, due to the increasing competition in the region, suppliers will need to make radical changes in their approach to customer relations and dealership systems.

The Do İt Yourself culture that has spread from America to the world has started to show its effect in Africa as well. Although they prefer to receive professional support at the moment, the do it yourself ”approach is rapidly rising due to the fact that professionals demand high fees to provide the desired service and the logistic solutions that can simplify the application and assembly of the material manufacturers and deliver the products directly to the customer address.

For this reason, establishing African representative offices, guarantee services, customer consultancy and support points and accelerating these investments at strategic points are the key steps for becoming an important actor in the developing market in Africa.

For this reason, MRT Structure will focus on operational excellence in the African market in the next five years, development of institutional infrastructure, increasing sectoral cooperation with local companies and bringing talented human resources to the sector.


In the near future, it will be seen that being focused on production is not enough to meet the need. Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability will be a more important goal for business life than ever before. This will direct the competitive environment from a “production-oriented” center to a technology-oriented point.

Therefore, MRT Structure; Energy efficiency with less energy loss, technological and accessible products for everyone,

  • It will focus on the development of R & D and Innovation culture.

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